Sign, Sign Everywhere a Sign

Everywhere we turn, there are tell-tale economic warning signs concerning rising interest rates, surging inflation, unaffordable rental properties, difficulties finding suitable employees, and a housing market bubble that is threatening to burst. Compounding these issues are the 4th COVID wave, climate change, and social concerns.

It’s perhaps no surprise that for many ordinary Australians financial and social stress have overtaken the pandemic as the main cause of anxiety. Australians are desperate to regain a semblance of control of their lives and not be overrun by a sense of loss of agency.

Maximise’s 100% sale of warehouses at Truganina is clearly demonstrating how newly arrived entrepreneurially oriented migrants are reading the economic tea leaves differently. Entrepreneurs working at the coalface are bucking the trend and taking control of their financial destiny by purchasing warehouses that provide them with a sense of economic certainty.

These warehouses tend to be for mixed zone commercial use and are well-located in business hubs or precincts, near residential estates and prime arterial routes.

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