Melbourne’s West – Unveiling the Strategic Appeal

In the dynamic landscape of Melbourne’s west, Maximise has strategically chosen to focus on light industrial warehousing. Most recently reflected in the latest project: MODE Business Park West, 180 units of office and warehouse spaces, located in Truganina. This decision is driven by three key factors: the growing demand in the west for warehousing, the evolving dynamics of the e-commerce supply chain, and the support by local and state government in the region. These factors collectively contribute to Maximise’s commitment to developing in the west and capitalizing on the region’s potential.


  1. The surge in warehousing requirements due to the rise of e-commerce, accentuated by the pandemic, has created a sustained growth in the need for strategically located light industrial facilities. This growth, coupled with the warehouse appeal for entrepreneurial recent migrants to the western region of Melbourne, solidifies the west as an ideal location for businesses seeking efficient warehousing solutions to support their e-commerce operations.
  2. Businesses have shifted from just-in-time to just-in-case logistics, resulting in increased warehousing demands. Disruptions in global supply chains have led to overstocking warehouses, further driving the need for expansive light industrial spaces. The west of Melbourne offers ample opportunities to provide businesses with the necessary storage capacity and flexibility.
  3. Melbourne’s west benefits from significant infrastructure investments, such as the proposed Western Intermodal Freight Terminal (WIFT). Combined with the proposed Outer Metropolitan Ring Road, these developments will look to enhance the region’s accessibility and connectivity for freight movement. The Victorian Government’s commitment to these projects demonstrates their support for the industrial sector and underscores the west’s status as a thriving business hub.


Melbourne’s west shines as a strategic destination for light industrial warehousing and Maximise embraces this potential with its latest project: MODE Business Park West – 180 units of office and warehouse spaces, located in Truganina. Currently at 94% sold, the success of this project indicates a positive public response to Maximise’s dedication to innovative solutions and fostering business growth in the thriving industrial sector of Melbourne’s west.

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